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Best Practice in Action: How your fundraisers can effectively ask for donations

series highlights fundraising tips your organization can share with your supporters.

Today’s post focuses on ten easy donation suggestions that any supporter can use.

How to inspire your supporters to actively fundraise

AIDS Walk Kansas City wants to make it as easy as possible for their walk participants to reach their fundraising goals. In the past they have sent their fundraisers this quick list of ideas to raise $1,000. It’s easy to do on the nonprofit’s part and when you break it down like they have done, the task doesn’t seem so overwhelming:

Ten Easy Steps to $1,000

1. Sponsor yourself for $50

2. Ask 2 family members to sponsor you for $50

3. Ask 10 friends to contribute $20

4. Ask 5 co-workers to contribute $20

5. Ask 5 neighbors to contribute $20

6. Ask 5 people from your place of worship for $10

7. Ask 5 people you socialize with (yoga, book club, gym, dinner club) for $10

8. Ask your boss for a company donation of $50

9. Ask 5 businesses that your company works with to contribute $40

10. Ask 4 businesses that you frequent to donate $25

The strategy works! Check out their walk success–over $870,000 raised online! 

Put together a creative list for your fundraisers by including these ideas and some of your own. Empowering your fundraisers and giving them the confidence to ask for donations translates to fundraising success for your nonprofit.


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